Osun 2018: Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola, Why do you want to be governor?

“I know that a high number of our people are traders and commercial entrepreneurs. We will develop the local economy, ensure free flow of domestic capital and build on the potential foreign direct investment that will accrue through strategic planning, development partnership and prudent management of land, labour, entrepreneurial and human resources.”
“We will give further attention to strategic infrastructural projects; link up our township and city markets with other township and city markets in the southwestern region in particular and across Nigeria in general, all in a bid to expand the base of the Osun economy”
“While working even harder to improve our IGR, we will specifically continue to cut leakages in tax collection and tax administration processes in the state. Consequently, we will run a transparent and accountable government, steeped in single-minded pursuit of reducing dependence on federal allocation as a means of funding government.”

Infoprations' Note: The piece is from recent interviews he granted newspapers in Nigeria.