PCI Series: Osun APC campaign jingles: What is in it for the electorate?

Credit: Positive Campaign Initiative, Nigeria
In every election, political parties and their candidates are the products electorate must buy before they could enjoy good governance or otherwise. As the campaigns unfold in Osun State for the September 22 governorship election, PCI has found that the All Progressives Congress’ radio jingles were laced with the promises ranging from physical to human development across the state if the voters elect its candidate, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola.
Analysis shows that messages of the four jingles of the party were embedded with happiness, reassuring voters of good fortune ahead when Alhaji Gboyega becomes governor in the state. One of the jingles says “When it’s time to vote, you citizen of this state come out and vote for APC for the Lord’s promise for this state to come to pass and for progress upon progress to manifest.”
The ruling party believes that its candidate would deliver all the promises. In this regard, PCI’s analysis suggests that the party is confident of improving every place in the state. “Dear citizens, vote for the party with the broom so that God's promise can come to past; formidable development in every nook and cranny of Osun,” one of the jingles notes.  
In all the jingles, APC emphasised its readiness to improve education, agriculture and labour welfare than industrial development. One out of the four jingles promises good health services to the citizenry.  As expected, Alhaji Gboyega is portrayed as competent and only candidate who would ensure the continuity of the present development strides being enjoyed in the state.
With these promises, would voters be interested in the candidacy of Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola and his party by voting them in the September 22 election?


  1. Campaign jingles would not be enough for voters to vote in a politician. The APC has a lot to bring forth as the party in government who rode into power on their promises of past years. What people would begin to look out for is how much of their promise they were able to fulfil. This would be expected to be put across in actual terms without ambiguity. For example, "We have started the airport project, if our party wins Oyetola will complete it" this just an example.


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