Enterprising Muslims: The Reservoir That Must Be Spilled

The much announced eBook, Enterprising Muslims, authored by our co-founder, Mutiu Iyanda Lasisi was published by Tekedia on March 22, 2020. In the last few hours, analysis shows that it has been read by people across the world and reacted to by some Nigerians through the comments on the publishing platform and personal messages to the author. “From the little I have read of the book; it is a well-researched and scholarly written piece. It should benefit all lovers of knowledge and those that desire financial freedom through owning businesses of their own. Kudos to the writer/ author and his Tekedia team, for teaming up to produce this masterpiece for the benefit of humanity especially the Muslim Ummah,” said Salau S.O. Exhibit 1: Key Issues affecting Entrepreneurship Growth at Personal Levels among the Muslims

Beyond the readings and commendations, author and the Infoprations Knowledge as a Service Team believe that the content is a tip of the iceberg of the whole book because of the wo…

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