GDP: In 2017, Nigerians’ Google Top Searches contributed to Arts, Entertainment and Recreation growth not education

As discourse continues on the benefits of Google WiFi Stations in Nigeria, Infoprations’ analysis has revealed that top searches of Nigerians in 2017 made positive contribution to the arts, entertainment and recreation than education segment of the country.
Infoprations explored what is, who is, where is, how to, most and top 10 search terms to understand the categories of information or knowledge Nigerians sought during the year. Early results indicates that top searches of how to and top 10 were the highest followed by where is and most search terms.
Within the what is search term, what is the, what is the meaning of, what is time, what is the time, what is time now, what time is it, what is computer, what is the time now, what is education and what is love were found as the top ten searches from Nigeria. In the who is search term category, Nigerians were interested in who is who in Nigeria, who is man, who is god, who is Nigeria President, who is a man, who is the President of Nigeria, who is Jesus, who is the richest musician, who is Davido and who is a woman.
Where is god, where is Buhari, where is president Buhari, where is the love, where is Nigeria president, where is Texas, where is Nnamdi Kanu, where is Canada, where is Buhari now and where is London dominated searches under the where is search term category.
In the how to search term, the category which helps the Internet users in gaining insights on various topics and issues, Nigerians made significant search on how to make money, how to make love, how much is dollar to naira, how to make cake, how to sew, how to write application letter, how to check BVN, how to check Airtel balance, how to make money online and how to makeup.
Most, another search term that walks Internet users through knowledge path, was used by Nigerians to get information on music, life and style related messages. Most high, most high flavour, flavour, download most high, most high by flavour, most expensive car, download flavour most high, the most expensive car, the most beautiful girl, most high lyrics were the top searches.

Top 10 top, a commonly used search term to understand 10 best people, objects, countries or issues, was equally used extensively to gain insights on entertainment and prominent people in Nigeria. Analysis reveals 10 richest in Nigeria, top 10 songs, top 10 richest musician, top 10 richest in the world, top 10 music, top 10 richest Nigeria musician, richest musician in Nigeria, top 10 richest musician in Nigeria, Naija top 10 and top 10 songs 2017 as Nigerians’ preferred searches in 2017.
These top searches were examined by the Infoprations. Analysis shows that they are within education, public administration, accommodation and food services, arts, entertainment and recreation segments of the country’s economy.
Further analysis with the adoption of 2017’s current price Gross Domestic Product reveals that the top searches were connected and improved arts, entertainment and recreation sector positively than education. One unit increase in top searches within what is category decreases education current price GDP by 40.1%, analysis suggests. For the public administration sector, the effect was 64.6% reduction whereas the searches made 98.1% contribution to arts, entertainment and recreation.
Who is, where is, how to, most and top 10 searches were also found to connect with the GDP negatively. Analysis shows that top searches of who is, where is, how to, most and top 10 affected education sector by 72%, 85%, 70%, 72.2% and 70% respectively. Who is and where is also effected public administration negatively by 53.2% and 33.2% accordingly.
One of the startling results was the negative connection that existed between how to top searches and accommodation and food services. Infoprations found that an increase in how to led to 9% reduction in current price GDP of accommodation and food services despite Nigerians’ high interest in food preparations information searches.
On a positive note, the higher the Nigerians’ top searches within who is, how to, most and top 10 search terms, the more the current price GDP of arts, entertainment and recreation sector increases. Who is, how to, most and top 10 made 93.3%, 94.5%, 95.6% and 94.5% contribution respectively to the sector.